Dr.  Fr​a​​​n​​ci​s  C.  B​a​nd​ettini 


   "We Capitalize CARE!"


Let Us Personalize Your Psychiatric Care.

We have extensive experience in caring and compassionate psychiatric services in a relaxed but focused setting. We strive to avoid long waiting times to see the doctor-at the most convenient time for yourself or your loved one. Dr. Bandettini's 21 years in private practice has honed his unique and compassionate approach to the practice and art of psychiatry and science of psychopharmacology. He is a University Of South Dakota-Residency Trained Psychiatrist with many satisfied patients that span the Tri-State area of South Dakota, Iowa and Minnesota. He has taught medical students and residents at The University of South Dakota Medical School as an Assistant Professor. He treats all ages with a combined approach utilizing and adapting time recognized conventional therapy with rational and experienced psychopharmacology along with good interpersonal skills and a wholistic approach.

Quality, Experience, Caring 

Dr Bandettini is here to help with most psychiatric services you may need.

Innovative solutions to your personalized care.

Extensive experience with ADHD in both adult and child populations.

Treatment Options for Depression, Anxiety, Obsessive and Compulsive Difficulties

Short-term and long-term care options

Flexible hours for your busy schedule

Physician Availability

Flexible Payment Options Available

Extremely private setting-professionals treated.

Dr. Francis Bandettini, Psychiatrist

Call us at 605-529-5271 to begin your journey to feeling better!

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508 Lovely Avenue

Box 432

Baltic, SD 57003

10 minute drive N I-29 from

Sioux Falls 

Turn R on Exit 94 


2116 S. Minnesota Ave Ste 5 

Sioux Falls, SD

Phone: 605.529.5271

Fax: 888.721.8975